Monday, 31 March 2014

A New Spring Spread

I've been "patiently" waiting on someone in the UK to begin stocking the SN@P! Insta-Pocket pages. I just prefer square pockets and i don't like the large 12" x 12" pages. 

It being the beginning of British Summer Time (Yippee!!!!) i took the opportunity to begin a fresh new spread. I made a reluctant, half arse attempt at journalling over the first three months of 2014 but it was so glum and miserable i wasn't really feeling it. 

I caught a whiff of inspiration via JamaicaMakes when i saw her layouts and the fact that her purpose to journalling is very similar to mine,  a Scrapbook-Journal-Planner, all in one!

And no i don't care what the Starks think. Summer Is Coming.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

What A Difference A Month Makes.



I have very little patience. I have to see results instantly. I have to have things in front of me right there and then. I'm not very good at setting long term goals because i don't like 'The Wait.'

Recently i have been testing myself. Waiting for TV shows to air week on week sucks. For all the technological advances i don't care about, iPlayers and On Demand television is not one of them. The BBC made me wait (painfully) week after week for Line of Duty. It was worth it. Wednesday nights became something to look forward to, snuggled on the sofa. 
     I arrived quite late to the Game of Thrones party and gratefully i have had three series to quench that thirst. Now normally i would have just bought the entire three box sets and watched it all over a week.......

...... Who am i trying to kid?!...... 

..... I would have watched it over a weekend!

I already pay for Netflix and LoveFilm, why fork out more? So i have patiently waited days a time when two episodes would arrive and then wait again before the next arrived. The longest i have had to wait was four days (and that was my fault, missing the post before the weekend). 

My point? Patience is not a strength but this small exercise in mindful television viewing has rewarded me over the past month with regular treats. I've had an indulgence to look forward to and i haven't spent more than necessary. I'm still going to get the box set, let's be honest! 

The photos above are another demonstration of my test of patience, only this i have absolutely no control over. I tend to take the same walk at least once a week, sometimes more. I decided as my 2014 photo project i would take the same photos every time i walked that route to journal the ever changing, small details of the seasons. Particularly now as we enter Spring i cannot wait for the carpets of wildflower in the meadow, bluebells in the wood and the smell of wild garlic. 
At the end of the year i will compile a book, much like Project Life, to document the changes of my little paradise. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Art Journalling: The Blank Page

Buy a paperback sketchbook. Make your own or use loose leaf paper.

Stick magazine images onto the sketchbook's pages.

I've been hoarding a draw full, it was time to get rid. 

Easy method of concealing the 'blank page'.

Once you've worked your way through 4 sticks of glue, it's time to trim the pages.

I'm not very neat about it.

The results are random if you don't get to precise when sticking stuff down. I've chopped a few heads off. 

Next: Layering the pages with lots and lots of mess. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day One

For most people, Lent is an opportunity to abstain from something for 40 days.

In the past i have been known to give up chocolate. One year i gave up Galaxy and that worked well in that i ate a lot a lot of Cadbury's (and still do)! Another year i gave up chocolate entirely which only served to increase the pastry goods i ate. I put on a lot of weight that year!

I have friends who give up smoking, swearing, all fast food, drinking etc. This morning i decided i would not eat chocolate for 40 days, and this afternoon i made a pledge that i would walk everyday for the next 40 days.

This way i have given something up and replaced it with something good. Will it make any difference? We'll have to wait and see. Also, 40 days is a good period of time to get a habit going, of walking daily. Hopefully when the 40th days rocks around i will be power walking in the sun and not through mud.

(The picture is me currently experimenting with a trial version of Pixelmator, i aim to get better)!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Right Now....

I wasn't going to write this. My internet is so bad i have to sit, literally, on the router. I always think i have nothing to say. Nothing worth saying.

Practice. Little and often. Everyday.

Away from here, off screen, i am promising myself to create better habits. So far so shit. Something holds me back. Why?

Answers to work through. And i'm rambling. I know i am.

This week i am not at work, i am not on holiday either. I am doing 'other things'. These things are not enjoyable. They are draining and tiresome. But also interesting. At present i am spending my day sat on my butt. Listening. Staring at a screen. Waiting. Listening some more. My head pounds. It throbs from being sat down in a brightly lit room.

I couldn't have an office job. I couldn't stare at an computer screen all day long. I am so restless. Fidgety. I got home at 5 and although it was getting dark i went straight out for a stomp round the fields. The wind was howling and it was raining but it felt so good. I felt so much better for it.
I wonder if i wasn't in the habit of walking, whether i would have gone straight for the painkillers? Even a glass of cold water makes me feel better and i don't help myself by not drinking too much to prevent me from needing to pee at inappropriate moments.


Monday, 3 February 2014

2014 Photo Project: February Update

Yesterday was lovely. Cold, crisp and bright. My kind of Wintery Sunday and the rain stayed away. Though the walk was wet.......

(I fell over three times!)

..... it could almost have passed for summer. That may have had something to do with me getting lost and being chased by dogs, so that my cheeks burnt from exertion NOT the rays of the sun.
I made a trip to the spot where I took my photos for my Month-by-Month Photo Project. I've studied these besides January's and already I see more light, more greenery, more life. 

I can't wait for the leaves on the trees!